About Convent-TV

We’re proud of Convent-TV

Our Convent-TV broadcast platform (this website) enables you to watch your favourite artists doing what they do best, performing.
You wont miss a thing because you’ll be able to watch it in real-time wherever you are (provided you’re connected to the web).
Our technology is innovative (it’s been in development a long time) but it’s simple to use. Every performance is beautifully
filmed and produced so we’ve worked closely with those crafty technical bods to ensure that our platform (website) won’t
break down mid performance.

The Artists

The cornerstone of The Convent TV are ‘the lyric’ and ‘musicianship’, we celebrate and broadcast the leading songwriters and the best of the class in musicianship and performance from the worldwide touring circuit. Each of the acts are carefully chosen and we work hand in hand with the artists and their management and agents to provide an unrivalled experience for their fan bases old and new. The Artists are all payed a professional guaranteed fee for their performance and receive 50% of all the revenue online for the first 2000 views and then 60% thereafter. We believe and prove on a daily basis that fans and viewers are happy to pay for quality performances both live and rented and that Artists should not have to perform for free, for ‘exposure’ or for a favour.

The Convent

As well as being a state-of-the-art, creative and luxurious venue, it is one of the UK’s most inspiring and historic properties.
Until very recently, The Convent Of Poor Clares was home to just 4 nuns who lived as part of a silent order which has existed for
more than 150 years. Once the nuns had found a new home it seemed only fitting that we made up for over a hundred years of silence
by filling it with the world’s most inspiring live music and events. In order to do that, The Convent is the first venue to adopt Netgig™ a software platform we have developed in-house for live broadcast ticketed events – which means we’re making our own history.